Health Services and Research

These organizations are dedicated to medical research, patient care and assistance, and political advocacy for a broad spectrum of diseases and disorders.  
While need for COVID-19 specific services increased, these organizations were particularly hit hard because capacity for staff to respond was hampered. With a focus on COVID-19, attention to other diseases and disorders diminished. As a result, this sector experienced a negative 18% drop in revenue year-over-year and was the only sector in this year’s study that experienced negative growth. 

Online Giving & Sustainer Trends

  • Heath Services leads all groups in sustainer growth with sustainer revenue as a percentage of total revenue year-over-year change of 35.9%. 
  • However at 3.9%, these organizations are the lowest in the industry for sustainer revenue as a percentage of total revenue.
  • Health Services and Research organizations were the only organizations to experience negative revenue growth in 2020 (-18.8%).

Email Engagement Trends

  • 25.1% of people on these email lists donated in 2020, that’s nearly twice the industry average of 13.4%.
  • The fundraising email donation rate of 0.16% is the lowest rate of all industries.

Which of these trends will continue?

Blackbaud experts identify the 2020 trends likely to continue into 2022 and suggest ideas and tactics to make the most of online fundraising.